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18 November 2008 @ 19:54
UGH - I hate remakes!!  
So, I was on the Channel 4 website because The IT Crowd has a new season soon, and I heard rumours of this, which unfotunately seems to be true:


They cannot be serious! Putting in Rocky Carroll as Denholm - it won't work and it's just Vance - no way.

And what is the point of The IT Crowd without real Jen or Roy - the whole joke is his Irishness!!

And as I read somewhere else, they had better not put Richmond in, because there is only one Richmond and he's the English one!

so basically...why would they do that and ruin such a good show.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
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Pru: Abby sees youatlantisfan101 on 21st November 2008 11:36 (UTC)
Having only seen the British The Office, I can't really comment on that one. But I can't imagine Ricky Gervais' comedy without him in it.
Ashbarker9 on 19th November 2008 17:27 (UTC)
Indeed. I am not amused. Still kinda meh about adapting Life on Mars. :(
Pru: Cuddy alpha femaleatlantisfan101 on 21st November 2008 11:33 (UTC)
Why can't they just have British comedy for what it is - you don't see us trying to change their shows!

Anyway - it'll flop, so I'll laugh!
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Pru: Family Jen/Gibbsatlantisfan101 on 28th November 2008 17:01 (UTC)
Of course you may. We Jenny/Gibbs fans have to stick together.
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Pru: J2 flirtsatlantisfan101 on 29th November 2008 20:02 (UTC)
I friended back.
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Pru: Jen having funatlantisfan101 on 29th November 2008 20:20 (UTC)
Well, I could let you know where we keep them all:


That's all the Jenny/Gibbs fics on fanfiction.net BUT you could always start with my fic if you like - it's nowhere near finished and I'm currently writing some. You find it here:


I'm trying to think. Depends on what you're really looking for. If you like a series with a kid - I know some brilliant ones. I won't give you any links yet, cos there are loads of series with loads of parts, but if you are interested, I'll send you the links later.

If you go on the following link - those are some of the best fics around cos they're written in collaboration. The ones near the top of the list are AU where Jenny doesn't work at NCIS and she and Gibbs meet. The "Jibbsfest" ones are where we have prompts and we all write different stories for them:


This next one is Pushing The Envelope - not entirely Jen/Gibbs there's quite a lot of Hollis Mann in there too but my it's my personal favourite and the only story where I like Hollis:


I'll give you a few more that I think are pretty good, and some of the best writing/concepts:

Old Habits:

A Few Good Men:

Damned If You Do:

Most of these one's I've rec'd are some of the older fics, but I think you should probably start there. I still remember them, so they must be good!

That's fine. I used to watch Atlantis, so if you speak Atlantis English that's fine with me.