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24 August 2008 @ 17:53
Brand Sparkling Shiny New  
Okay, lookies, everything is pretty and new.

I decided I needed something NCIS, I also decided I hated Judgement Day and the whole end of S5, so I needed have something Jenny-fantastic.

So...new header thanks to sunshineangel89 - thank you so much for this, I love it.

new moodtheme, cos Abby rulez!!

new colour...cos blue is what I want at the moment and

new background?? huh?? NO, it is the same, only I worked out how to use The Gimp, well, the colour bit, and changed the colour.

Just to note, we Brits are awesome. Red London Bus at the Olympics - LOL!!! Been watching the Olympic party at The Mall - was quite cool!!
Current Location: In front of the TV
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Vicky: [NCIS] Jen/Gibbs - Making lovevickysg1 on 24th August 2008 17:32 (UTC)
Oh, Jenny... NCIS will never be the same without her... I probably won't watch it anyway...
Pru: Jen tornatlantisfan101 on 24th August 2008 19:12 (UTC)
I've decided I have to just watch one more, but it will never be the same again.

We all know the old team will eventually be back and if they do a House it'll just wind me up.